Vicki Ross Art

aka: V.N.Ross

I am a crew member for Canvas Corp Brands, the artists program with DecoArt, and design team for ColourArte. In addition to my work in oil, pastels, watercolor and encaustic, I am active in printmaking, bookbinding, and collage, and just about any art medium that crosses my path. A line of Doodle & Coloring Pages, and Printable Collage sheets is available HERE, or in my Etsy Shop HERE

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"I believe in magic. I believe in the muse that inspires me and in my attempt to communicate a fleeting emotion into art. I believe in art's ability to heal, first the artist, then the viewer...and if by chance my art touches your soul we both win."

I've been involved in creative arts as long as I can remember. After a major life-changing event (that is an understatement) I began creating fine art fulltime. Studying with masters of our time led me to create, to share with others information I find interesting. The blog may be about anything that catches my fancy that day! 

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